My boyfriend started listening to podcasts a little over a year ago when he spending many weekends driving six hours to come visit me in South Carolina. He usually chose Planet Money or Freakonomics, and though I enjoyed some episodes, others would literally put me to sleep. The first podcast we actively listened to together from beginning to end, was the first season of Serial. I couldn’t imagine enjoying something that I was only listening to and could not see… but I did. If you know me, you know that I am terrible with technology, so I was not even sure how to…podcast. Do I download it? Upload it? Stream it? I had no idea.

We went on a trip to Georgia last month, and Mychael said “I found a podcast you might like.” I’m sure I sighed quite vocally before I asked “what is it?” He responded with “My Favorite Murder”.
Let’s unpack this for a second. He knows me well enough to know my obsession with murder, serial killers, documentaries, etc. And he found a podcast that I might like?? I was thrilled.

He picked an episode of My Favorite Murder, and I was hooked. We listened to a few episodes on the drive back home, and when we got there, I decided to start this podcast from the very first episode, which was from a little over a year earlieMy Favorite Murderr. I listened to it in bed, while I was working, in the car, absolutely everywhere.
This comedy podcast is hosted by two women, Georgia and Karen, and they each pick a murder story to talk about on each episode. Sometimes they have a hard time getting into it, but I usually just skip a little bit into each episode. They have a following, called “Murderinos”, and it was awesome to see that there are other people, specifically women, who love this stuff too! They teach you how to “stay sexy and don’t get murdered”, and you get to hear Georgia’s cat, Elvis, let out a big Siamese meow at the end of every episode. I got through all the episodes after a couple weeks… I know. I have no life.
Then, I started looking for similar podcasts.

After hearing it mentioned a few times on My Favorite Murder, I decided to start listening to Last Podcast on the Left. It is also a comedy podcast, where three guy
s discuss stories about murder, ghosts, aliens, and other fun things. They are absolutely hilarious. I wLast Podcast on the Leftould suggest listening to them only if you have a crude sense of humor, as I do. They are the obnoxious big brothers you had… except grown up with a sense of humor. Their episodes usually aren’t as long as MFM, but they will have separate parts, and continue their theme/discussion the next week.

The podcast I have most recently discovered in the realm of True Crime, is White Wine… True Crime with Kari Martin & Caitlin Cutt. I don’t think it is as well known as the previous two shows I mentioned, and I’m usually a red wine kind of girl, but I think it is fabulous. Since they don’t have as big of a following and they aren’t regWine and Crimeularly attending live podcast shows, they don’t have to awkwardly fit in four different advertisements in the middle of each show. When you listen, you feel like you are there having a conversation about true crime with your friends. They often invite a female guest on for a Woman Crush Wednesday episode to discuss a murder or true crime documentary, and they give them a gift of a “murder kit”. At the end, they like to play “Fuck, Marry, Kill” regarding the “characters” in the story/documentary. I mean, what can be more fun that a couple of female comedians talking about true crime, making murder kits, and drinking wine?


I found a new podcast that I am excited to tell you all about! It is called Wine & Crime, and it just started on February 2nd, so you can catch up quite easily. It is another comedy podcast, with three women who “chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan Wine and Crimeaccents!” There is a different theme for each episode, and they provide a win pairing, which is the one these three funny ladies will be drinking for the next hour and a half or so. There is always a psychological background provided, which I love, regarding that week’s theme. Then, they give a few stories, while making jokes, feeling bad for the murderers, and getting drunk (I’m looking at you, Amanda). They are absolutely hilarious, and I think it would be a great podcast to start with if you haven’t listened to them before and are interested in true crime.


I have listened to a couple more true crime podcasts, but they were either not in the comedy category, or they were just quite boring.

I would love to hear of any podcasts you all enjoy. Feel free to ask any questions or make recommendations!