I absolutely love beauty subscription boxes! I started receiving them last year, and I. am. obsessed. I started out with ipsy, then I tried out Target & Walmart’s beauty boxes, and now I get Play! by Sephora!
Sephora and ipsy give me more high-end products, and once you sign up, you get their packages every single month. You create a beauty profile in which you choose preferences about what you prefer, and information about yourself, such as your skin type, hair type, eye color, and skin tone. They take your answers and pick different products to send you each month.
To get Target’s Beauty Box, you have to sign up each month before they are sold out, and they send the same products to everyone.
Walmart’s Beauty Box comes four times per year, for each season, and once you sign up, you automatically get them. I’ll make another post to go through these products!

In this post, I am not only going to talk about the products, but also test most, if not all, of the products, and talk about my impressions.

Ipsy is only $10 per month, and you get 5 samples, some smaller than others, plus a super cute makeup bag. You can earn points by rating products and having others sign up, which you can use to “purchase” products.  ipsy
If you are interested in getting a subscription, you can click here.

Each month is a different theme, and this month is “Sideshow”, which made me nervous, as I’m usually fairly conservative with my makeup, but I was pleasantly surprised. These are the products I received this week:

PS Cosmeceutical Infused Nail Lacquer in the shade Southern Sand
I have been trying to find a good nude/light colored nail polish, and this is perfect! It isn’t too watery or too thick, and it dries fairly quickly. This nail polishproduct is vegan, does not test on animals, and has a list of chemicals that this polish does not contain, that others do.
This is a full-size product at 0.34 fl. oz./10 ml, and it can be purchased here for $14.99. This one product was worth more than the $10 I spent on the entire bag. Jackpot.

Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
I only relate aloe or “soothing gel” with sunburns and the desire for relief. However, this is marketed through their site and ipsy as a product to “balance the appearance of redness and uneven skin tone”. It is infused with vitamins and can be used as a makeup base. I used some on my hands, just to test it out and it is incredibly lightweight and smells like cucumbers. I might try it out in the ways they suggest and get back to you.
My sample is 10 g/0.35 oz, and you can purchase a 100 g size here for $30.00.

Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter
I’ve received a product like this from ipsy before, and I’m not a huge fan, because it is so small. I tried it out on my hand, and it looks like a fairly good highlighter, but it is seriously so small.
My sample is only 0.7 g/0.02 oz, and you can purchase a 10 g size, in much prettier packaging, here, for $25.00.

OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories Blush in the shade Rendezvous
The packaging of this sample looks as though it should be placed in a palette of blushsome sort. This blush is a little darker, which I prefer, but I don’t know how many people would prefer this shade. And I’ve come to realize that many people don’tuse blush anymore, but as someone with zero color in my face, especially no pink, I love blush.
This is another full-size sample! It’s 4 g/0.14 oz, and you can purchase the same size, in a normal compact, here, for $15.00.

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in the shade Swerve
First of all, can we stop naming shades weird colors, orrrr no?
Anyway, the liner pencil came in a white box with blue ends, making me think I got a blue colored eyeliner. I didn’t. Apparently “swerve” is a normal black colored eyeliner. It has a point, which is probably great for your waterline and/or your lash line. I don’t think it would be a great substitution for your regular liner, mostly because I prefer liquid eyeliner.
This is, yet again, ANOTHER FULL-SIZE SAMPLE! It’s 0.2 g/0.01 oz, and you can purchase this size liner here for only $5.00!

Overall, ipsy gave me 3 full-size items, and I would probably regularly use 4/5 of these items.

Play! By Sephora
Sephora’s subscription is only $10 per month, and you get 5 samples, someSephora smaller than others, a fragrance sample, and it all comes in a cute little drawstring bag and information about each product! You get a “pass” to take into the store each moth to receive
extra Sephora Beauty Points, with any purchase. I’ve never done it, but that’s a pretty cool plus for those of you trying to get to VIB Rouge status.
If you are interested in getting a subscription, you can click here. I had to sign onto a waiting list, but it only took me about a month to get added to their subscription list. Some people said they kept putting themselves on the list to get on there, but I found that annoying, so I only did it once. These are the products I received this week:

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in M-10/Matte Black
It has an incredibly smooth application and is quite pigmented, but I’m still not sure I would use it as regular upper lid eyeliner. Again, I just prefer liquid eyeliner for that.
My sample size was 0.5 g/0.01 oz, and you can get a full size (1.2 g) here for $21.00.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
I usually don’t use liquid eye makeup remover, just because makeup remover wipes are so much easier and more convenient. However, it is basically the exact same as the Clinique liquid makeup remover sample that I have previously received. I do really like that it is made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.
My sample size is 25 ml/ 0.84 oz, but you can get a 50 ml/1.69 oz here for $7.50, and they also offer larger sizes.

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser
I’m always excited to try facial cleansers, because it’s nice to find what I would be willing to buy again, and what I should avoid like the plague. The smell is not too harsh, and since I have only used it once, I am unable to discuss the benefits and results of the product. It does have parabens and sulfates, so that’s a big negative for me.
This sample is 30 ml/ 1 oz, and you can get a 3 oz bottle for $11.00 or choose one of their larger sizes here.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream
water creamI had never heard of this brand, so when I saw this item, I was like “hm. okay.” Then, I read amazing reviews and HAD to try it. It is supposed to give you hydration for 72 hours, you are to apply twice daily for best results, and I read that many people even put it under their makeup. I’m always iffy about moisturizers and/or primers, because they’re always either too thick, greasy, grainy, or silicone-y. This felt absolutely AMAZING. I’m definitely a fan! My skin feels so soft, moisturized, and not greasy AT ALL. It takes a lot for me to get this excited about a product.
I received the 7.5 ml/0.25 oz sample, and you can get the 48 ml/1.6 oz size for a whopping $52.00 here. We might find out it’s worth it, but I will use my itty bitty size sparingly.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
So, I’m always super excited to get brands like this, but I wish it wasn’t a primer. Like I said, I’m pretty picky about primers. I’ve heard good things, and it’s awesome that it is oil-free. I haven’t used it on my face, but it feels like silicone… one thing I don’t like feeling on my face.
This is a .25 oz/ 7.1 ml size, and you can get a 1 oz size for $36.00 here…. I know. That’s a whole lot for a whole little. Okay, “whole little” isn’t a thing, but you get my point.

Miu Miu Fragrance in Scent L’Eau Bleue
With every Play! by Sephora box, you get a fragrance. I’m not usually a huge fragrance person, I just regularly use my Kate Spade roller, but they have been pretty good about sending decent scents! This one is subtle and though it has notes of flowers, it isn’t overpowering.
I got an itty bitty 0.04 oz/1.2 ml spray, and you can get a 0.33 oz rollerball for $28.00, or their smallest spray size of 1 oz for $68.00! That sounds like too much for someone like me, who isn’t a big fragrance gal, but you can purchase those here.

So, there are my reviews for these boxes! Next time, I may split them into different posts, or even do a video! I hope these reviews helped you decided if you want one of these subscriptions or one of these products!